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FantasyLand Tampa Welcomes You !


FantasyLand believes sex offers something wonderful found nowhere else in our world and should be explored to the fullest degree. A plethora of sex toys from vibrating sex toys to dildos, adult DVDs, lingerie and sex lubes may be purchased on location to enhance your explorations and interests. With two locations, FantasyLand on Lois Avenue and FantasyLand II located on the corner of Grady & South Street, we’re equipped to help all of your sexual fantasies come true. It is our goal to ensure that our customers enjoy sex optimally while discovering new and exciting details to add to their sex life in order that it may remain healthy and sex positive. “Sex positive” means we encourage a positive outlook and tolerance as it relates to philosophical and social attitudes that promote open sexuality. We use this term to describe a lifestyle that permits people to embrace new sexual experiences including the use of sex toys, new sexual positions and a general broadening of sexual understanding.


Open 24/7 For All Your Fantasies


We believe the use of sex toys increases your personal knowledge about your body, sex and what feels good to you personally. The more you understand about your body and how it responds to stimuli, the more open you’re likely to be regarding sex and sexual encounters and you will find it easier to communicate your desires. As you grow in knowledge, you’ll experience more pleasure and ultimately more orgasms regardless of gender. Masturbation with sex toys offers a unique approach to self- education; time alone to truly explore without any sense of pressure from a partner enhances the time that you do choose to share sexually with other(s).

You’ll find a wide array of toys available at FantasyLand Tampa designed for all sorts of sexual purposes. Take the time to learn your body and its deepest needs and desires. Regardless of gender, there are items you can purchase at FantasyLand Tampa geared for you. If you’re female, you should know where your clitoris and g-spot are and with the toys designed specifically to stimulate these areas of your body, you’ll quickly learn what’s most arousing to you. There are toys especially designed for the male as well like the pocket pussy. Where is the male g-spot? You may not realize that stimulating the prostrate produces many of the same sexual sensations for you and your ‘g-spot’ as women find when theirs is stimulated. Many of the toys you purchase initially for self-exploration may later be used with a partner(s). Additionally, FantasyLand Tampa markets an array of items specifically designed for couples. You’ll find items designed to tap into even your darkest fantasies with sex toys like bondage and restraint systems.

Whether you’ve never tried a sex toy in your life or you have a vast collection that you want to add to, you’ll find something fun and new to try at FantasyLand Tampa. You’ll learn something about yourself and possess new knowledge to share with partner(s) that will increase the joy and pleasure you experience in sexual settings. Both FantasyLand Tampa and FantasyLand Tampa II have sex toys in a range of prices from the economical to extravagant. So whatever price range you're looking for (cheap to decadent) we have a variety of sex toys in each category.


Why Fantasyland?


  • Friendly Helpful Staff
  • Large Screen Theaters
  • Private Rooms For Couples And Small Parties.
  • Wide Variety of Adult Toys And Lingerie
  • Video Arcade Systems
  • LGBT Friendly. All Lifestyles Are Welcomed


Adult movies are another way to explore your erotic fantasies and deepest desires. Some people enjoy being the voyeur, watching others do sexual activities they’ve only dreamed of doing, others watch such sexually charged movies as a ‘How to’, while still others enjoy reenacting favorite settings or scenes from the movies found at FantasyLand Tampa. Both stores have a great selection of adult DVD's to arouse anyone's interest so you’ll always find something perfect to suit your needs.

In addition to our large selection of sex toys FantasyLand Tampa also offers slinky, silky and even some slutty lingerie that includes plus sizes. Corsets, stockings and vibrating panties are just a few examples of what we sell. There are also sex lubes, including silicone sex lubes, anal sex lubes, and water based sex lubes. We also carry a variety of condoms, because a sex positive lifestyle is definitely one that includes safe sex.

Toys, DVDs, lotions and lubes, lingerie and so much more all provide unique incentive to try new ideas, explore new fantasies and find new arenas of sexuality you may have only dreamed of exploring before now. We encourage your adventure and will answer questions regarding items you purchase at FantasyLand Tampa to the best of our ability, again focusing on the safe, sex positive lifestyle.


We hope to see you at FantasyLand Tampa soon and begin fulfilling all your fantasies !